Media Strategy: Facebook Advertising

I saw this post on Mashable listing 5 ways to create a successful Facebook ad campaign. I think there are only four steps which make more sense at the end so check em out wayyy below. Here’s my review on Mashable’s info:

1. Set your Goals and Plan Your Approach Accordingly

Its great that they begin touching upon setting goals but that should also influence your targeting and creative strategy. Which we’ll delve into further.

1) If you want to create awareness (and you have a big budget) go for the big bang! premium ads on the home page, sponsored polls, video and more. The key is to blast the brand name and messaging to as many eyeballs as possible.

If you don’t have the huge budget, target broadly. Drive all traffic to your website if you want to create awareness. Facebook pages are for engagement our next point…

2) To drive engagement, you have to really really know your audience. This will influence who you target, the messaging, the call-to-action and the creative. You want to hook them in so they are interested in interacting with your brand. Remember: when you bring em to your fanpage or website there needs to be content that is relevant to them.

3) Of course the Golden Ticket is a combo of both awareness and engagement. This is the most fun as you can play around with targeting, messaging and landing pages.

2. Get Creative with Targeting

I love the fact that they begin discussing targeting but I would encourage a more robust conversation around it.  Here are a few hints:

1) If you’re just starting out, target broadly and let the ads tell you who your target is. Use tools like the demographic response analysis and the standard Facebook engagement and creative reporting.

2) If you’re midway and know your target range, segment into smaller groups. For instance, if you are targeting women 45+ segment three ads into separate demographics 45-54,  55-64, and 65+. This way you can further understand your target.

3) If you’re a campaign pro and already have done segmenting, layer on interests, friend of friend targeting, and geographic targeting to further refine your target. Just remember, the more narrow you get the higher price tag.

3. Chose Text and Images that Pop

The only two words you need to think about here are simplicity and professionalism. Keep your images, messages and calls to action clear. Google actually did a test on different CTAs that lived inside a rich media ad a few month ago. It was super compelling as phrases like “Learn More Now”, “Check it out” and “Explore Today” encouraged more engagement (or clicks) versus “Click Here”, “Find out more” or “Visit today”.

Ensure your copy and imagery look professional. Because you can buy ads at such a low price point, many unprofessional ads by DIY small businesses tend to appear in the marketplace arena. Be sure you stand out from the clutter with high resolution images, thoughtful messaging and motivating calls to action.

4. Create and Test Multple Ads

Nuff said…analyze and optimize on a weekly basis. Excel is your boyfriend (or girlfriend). Pivot tables are your best friends. Get to know them both really well.

5. Be ready to capitalize on the Traffic

So users and fans are on your page…now what? You must reward them for joining. This doesn’t necessarily mean giving discounts or coupons but providing value through tips, lists, video, samples and all that jazz. If  you don’t provide fans with content they want when they want it….they will leave. Be sure to manage your likes and unlikes in reporting as well.

All in all I suggest these 4 easy ways to achieve a successful campaign

1) Set Benchmarks–Know what you want to achieve and map out your path strategically

2) Get to Know Your Target–Your consumers are more than just a race, age and geo-location. Learn their interests, what they like to do online, the content they’re looking for to create eye-catching ads.

3) Analyze and Optimize–Facebook has 100s of reports you can leverage to evaluate your performance and react quickly. So please use em.

4) Reward Fans!! It’s not just about getting them there. It’s what they do once they arrive. Are they engaged? Are they commenting? Are the liking your content? If not–check yaself.

This was crazy fun…kind of feel like I’m talking to clients. But I’m into it. The workday’s never over for the media obsessed.


4 thoughts on “Media Strategy: Facebook Advertising

    • ashleywren says:

      I think the performance was ok. The CTR was pretty low but conversions to fans look promising. This means the content users saw when they clicked on the ad was appealing enough to convert them into fans. The next step is keeping the 400+ fans’ attention. In regard to the CTR, you might want to experiment with different creative, targeting and optimizations next time. It’s also important to look at CPC v CPC ad buy performance. We can talk strategy offline if interested. Please shoot me an email at Look forward to hearing from you soon!


  1. Marsh says:

    this is good in the case of starting a campaign. in my case the campaign i started performed extremely well for a week and my likes stared falling in frequency.what to keep th same pace of 1000 like a day for same daily budget

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