Media Strategy: Where you at?

Happy Day after Labor Day! Isn’t it fantastic returning to work?

I decided to title this geo-location article in the spirit of the old Verizon commercial and today’s Mashable article. I always get lots of starting points for articles from Mashable by the way. Most of the time I like to either expand on them or refute them by applying my knowledge of digital. Just copying them is pointless, you can just go to the link! Anyway here’s my take on the article:

Synopsis: FourSquare, Twitter and Facebook locations aren’t so hot anymore (were they ever?!). People are not accessing these tools to tell their entire social network where they are ever second of every day. So what’s their point?

I absolutely love this revelation. I mean I am the girl who went into an interview for a social media position and said FourSquare was the silliest invention ever. The truth is that it’s not dumb it is just under-utilized by the right people and over-utilized by the wrong ones. No one cares whether Jim is at the gym or went to Joe’s Pizza joint. But they do care when he becomes the mayor and gets a free membership or is one of the first 100 people to check in to get a free slice of pizza.

Side Buzz: This all goes back to the business-customer trade off. Manage the customer relationship–CRM! The customer is sharing their info with you (FB, Twitter, 4square profile) they should get something in return for providing it. But remember, it has to be something valuable. If it is then they’ll visit frequently, check-in, let their friends know and grow your business exponentially.

This user’s post says it all below:

This is definitely something small business must get a hold on. If you’re a small biz let’s talk more! National brands, especially CPGs, can also use it to prove out the efficacy of their digital media (don’t clients always want to know that?!). Get em in your partner retailers and gift em once they’re in-store. You achieved multiple goals: provided samples, distributed coupons, increased awareness, prompted engagement and drove to store. BAM!

Hope you enjoyed!


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